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TLC Together for Looked after Children

Our Mission Statement:

To enhance the life chances and enable the educational success of Calderdale’s Children in Care

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Why is there a need for a charity like Together for Looked-after Children?

National figures in 2009 showed that only 7% of children in care go on to study at university compared with 43% of all other children. This gap in attainment is sadly apparent in all stages of education.

The Department for Education's report showed that in 2014 only 15.3% of looked after children achieved five or more A*-C GCSEs or equivalent including English and maths, compared to 58% for non-looked after children.

TLC was launched in Calderdale in 2011 to improve the lives of looked-after children by facilitating the support they need to fulfill their potential - whatever that may be.

Our fundraising activity supports added value initiatives designed to meet specific needs beyond the statutory care Calderdale's looked-after children already receive.

Although the charity was originated by Craig Whittaker MP, TLC is non-political and run voluntarily by an independent management committee of Trustees.

For further information on the education of looked after children and care leavers from the Department for Education click here


Who are Looked-after Children?

Sad Hands

There are 68,110 looked-after children in England, of these 33,880 are of school age (5 – 16). Calderdale has 322 looked after children aged from 0-18, with 221 being statutory school age (from reception to Yr 11)*.

Looked-after Children are growing up in a variety of residential or foster homes. TLC also aims to fund 'added value' support for young adults up to age 25 who were looked-after children.

Click here for more information from Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council's website on Calderdale’s looked-after children.

*Figures correct as at March 2013


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Our Projects

The funds that we raise through our charity are used to initiate a number projects that benefit looked-after children of Calderdale. These projects aim to identify the different needs and aspirations among looked-after children and help improve their opportunities and outcomes in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of our projects:




Letterbox ParcelsFor five years, TLC donations have funded the Letterbox scheme which provides books and learning packages for looked after children of primary school age in Calderdale.  

The parcels include a wide range of books and learning games chosen by experts and delivered directly to each child.  The TLC charity was thrilled to receive the following presentation which demonstrates how the books are received and used by the children and their carers.  The books are clearly enjoyed and appreciated and help to improve literacy levels.  Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to TLC which has contributed towards making the Letterbox scheme happen across Calderdale.

Letter Box Report 2014

For more information about Letterbox Club click here





Busy Boxes

Busy Boxes

Busy boxes are toolkits of materials, tools and ideas for stimulating active, creative play at home. A typical box will include paper, glue, glitter, coloured pencils, wool, cotton, safety scissors, paints and brushes and ideas for making things, art and dressing up.

Like the Letterbox packs, Busy Boxes are delivered directly to all reception age children for them to keep and explore at home. Carers, of course, can join in the fun too!


Enrichment Fund

Our enrichment fund provides financial help to applicants who are in need of specific educational, training and development needs which are not funded elsewhere. 

If help is needed with study at school or college, training, getting a job or apprenticeship or starting your own business TLC might be able to help. 

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Why is there a need for this charity?
Craig Whittaker MP for Calder Valley and former Calderdale Council Lead Member for Children & Young People’s Services identified a huge difference between the percentage of Looked-after Children entering Higher Education compared with all children across the UK. He felt that a charity could provide added value in helping children in care to achieve their ambitions by facilitating the additional support which other children might receive at home.

Why is the charity based in Calderdale?
The new charity was announced in Craig Whittaker’s maiden speech to Parliament and initially it will operate within Calderdale to benefit Looked-after Children in this area. However, the need is nationwide and the charity’s successes could be extended in future to other regions of the UK.


Is the TLC charity replacing a gap left by local government cuts?
No. TLC is generating funding for initiatives which have not existed before. The aim is to facilitate support for Looked-after Children which they would not have been able to access previously. The only exception to this is the Letterbox scheme which had previously benefited children in care in Calderdale.

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Patrons of TLC Charity

Patron Christine Talbot

Christine Talbot
Calendar Presenter

Patron Barrie Rutter

Barrie Rutter
Actor and founder of Northern Broadsides

Patron Dr Gervase Phinn

Dr Gervase Phinn
Educational Broadcaster and Writer

Patron Leigh-Anne Stradeski

Leigh-Anne Stradeski
Chief Executive Eureka! Museum for Children

Patron Janet Lumb

Janet Lumb
Time Out Children's Homes, Halifax


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Trustees of TLC Charity


President: Craig Whittaker MP
Chair: Peter Lister
Secretary: Catherine Kirk
Treasurer: Peter Sleigh
Claire Haymonds
Christine Beal
Howard Blagbrough
Charles Brickdale


Chairman's 12 Month Report November 2015 To October 2016

This has been another active period for TLC, with both on going and new activities. It has also been a year of transition and we have completed an important review of the charity's core business and future priorities.

The year in numbers:

  • 32 letterbox packs distributed
  • 4 Enrichment Fund grants
  • 8 Trinity Mentors trained
  • 10 Trinity Mentees matched
  • 1 new peer mentoring project supported

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